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Ready to level up your business? Konsultori Academy provides key resources for investor readiness, expansion and sustainable growth. Get templates and tools as well as expert courses to thrive in today's market.

SME owners

Drive business development with Konsultori Academy. Enhance your strategies for expansion, international market entry, and AI marketing. Our platform offers practical insights for sustainable growth.


Are you passionate about business? Join our community and gain valuable knowledge and skills. Start your journey with the free Konsultori Academy chapters.

Business skills that every entrepreneur should have

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Do you have what it takes to get investments from investors?

A learning adventure that keeps you focused!

Learn the skills that every entrepreneur should know. Experienced trainers, expertise and all necessary tools are just a click away. Our product manager explains more about the Konsultori Academy.

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Solve your problems with custom solutions

Work with Konsultori's award-winning team of business experts to overcome your business challenges in areas such as strategy, mergers and acquisitions and organization design.

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6 reasons why this Academy is for you

Hand picked content

Gain unlimited access to on-demand training content, including videos, text, quizzes and assessments to empower you in creating pitch decks, strategies, business models, and financial plans. Transform your knowledge into tangible results for your business.

Tools and templates

Get the access to useful business tools, templates, and guidelines to streamline operations, manage resources effectively, and make informed decisions.

Experienced experts

Our courses are exclusively conducted by professional trainers, enthusiastic business consultants and entrepreneurs with years of experience who not only transfer knowledge but also ensure that you can effectively apply what they have learned.

Self-paced courses

No one will bother you. Set your own schedule and learn at your own pace, ensuring a tailored and empowering educational experience.


Proudly share your success everywhere. After successfully finished course, you will receive Konsultori Academy certificate. Use it to encourage the startup learning environment in your team. 

Anywhere and anytime

Unlock limitless learning with our globally accessible courses, available 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Take control of your education, anytime, anywhere. Most importantly, your courses are there with you for life!

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tools and templates for you

10+ useful templates and tools for every entrepreneur

Download free templates that can help you grow your business.


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This is our Academy with your words

Witness it first hand, directly from our students.
Thank you very much for your time and valuable insights on investor-readiness!

Nikiara Purmabietova

Product owner, itsBeat
Hi, once again Petra! Thank you for such an energetic session. It is absolutely excellent and highly valuable.

Ievgen Iosifov

Startup Wise Guys Q&A Session, EnderTuring
I just re-watched your videos. They are fantastic! Thank you for such a structured attitude. The “templates-based” training is excellent! Also, lots of great insights into how an investor thinks during the Q & A sessions.

Victoria Gerkuh

Proud to share that I've just completed the AI Marketing Launchpad certification! 🚀 I'm excited to apply these advanced AI techniques to revolutionize marketing strategies and drive impactful results.
A huge thank you to the Konsultori Academy for this opportunity. Ready to take the next big step in AI-powered marketing!

Hemalathaa Arumugam Elumalai

AI enthusiast 

Do you still have questions?

Are courses on Konsultori Digital Academy for free?
Payment is required for all courses offered. However, there is no charge for opening an account with us and also, we offer free content such as the Investor readiness check.
Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in specific course? 
Most of the courses do not have any special prerequisites. However, if you are required to have specific knowledge prior to learning, these prerequisites will be emphasized on the course page.   
Are the courses self-paced or do they have a time limitation?
One of the benefits you will get when signing up for Konsultori Digital Academy is having all course materials for lifetime. This gives you the freedom of accessing it whenever you want and studying in your own pace. 
Will I get the certificate at the end?

Yes, we do offer certification. After you finish your course, you will be eligible to download your certificate.

I am not satisfied with the Academy. Is there a refund policy?
We strive to provide our students with the best possible experience and ensure that our courses meet your needs. Unfortunately, we do not offer any kind of refund policy. If you are dissatisfied, we would be glad to hear what you didn't like. Please feel free to reach out to our customer support team.
I want to buy several courses at once. Is there a special price for this?
Yes, we do give special discounts for bulk purchases. Please contact us via email or write to us using our contact form