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This course serves as an introduction to AI in marketing. It will give you the overview of the basics - how AI really works, how to do competition and target group analysis with AI and you can assess your knowledge by doing the quiz after the end of every chapter.
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2 hours

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Startups and SME owners

Marketing enthusiasts

This free course is designed for startups and SME owners aiming to understand the fundamentals of AI marketing. Explore what AI marketing entails, learn how to conduct competition and target analysis using AI, and delve into more insights.
Are you a marketing enthusiast curious about AI's impact? Join our free course to explore AI's role in revolutionizing marketing strategies. Unlock insights on competition analysis, content creation, and more!
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Our highly experienced experts give you tips and tools on how to create compelling content, create pitch decks or do market and target group analysis. The best of all, you can always contact them for extra word.
Understanding what is AI and how does it work
Create user personas with AI
How to do competition and target analysis with AI
What data collection there are 
How to do market research with AI tools

templates to use

tools we covered
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In the master course you will learn a lot more in details about segmentation of the target groups, personalisation of messages but also how to create engaging content and visuals with the help of Artificial Intelligence.  
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Some of the tools we discuss:

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The workshop with Anja and Julie was packed with great and easy-to-implement tips so that we were able to measurably optimise our workflows afterwards.

Karin Spiegl

It was really fun. It was great to get your tips. I didn't know some of the tools you mentioned, so that alone was valuable.

Michael Tönjes

That was very inspiring! Thank you very much!

Simone Struve

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Meet your trainer

Sisterhood Berlin

Marketing, Branding and AI experts
SISTERHOOD is an AI-first branding and digital agency from Berlin - founded by the two sisters Anja and Julie Teßmann. With over 10 years of experience, SISTERHOOD has created and designed many successful marketing campaigns for their clients. 

Anja, a creative UX/UI designer – with a background in brand design – is the creative mind of the agency. She transforms ideas into aesthetic masterpieces and places the user at the heart of every project.   
Julie, a web developer and AI enthusiast, is the technical power behind Sisterhood success. She is fascinated by the latest developments in the digital world and ensures that our projects are technologically up to date.   

Sisterhood isn't just in their blood; it's an absolute passion. With their work, they want to empower and encourage businesses to assert themselves in the digital world, to write their own success stories and lead them to success in branding, marketing and AI. 
With a deep understanding of how optimal marketing workflows work and their knowledge of time-saving and enriching AI tools, the sisters from SISTERHOOD have developed the online course "AI in Marketing" for the Konsultori Academy.